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International Tax Attorneys: How They Can Help Expats

Those American who have moved abroad and needs to file federal tax returns in order for them to pay the amount due, today it is very much easy to know all these with the help of the internet and that expats can easily get assistance from their tax professionals who have experience and has deep understanding of the international tributary law.

Hiring the best international tax attorney and CPA in your team will greatly help in finding effective strategy that will help you maximize your legal exclusions and enjoy breaks that are available for expats while you are trying to meet all the necessary requirements.

The US tax codes has 75,000 pages that needs to be read and understood by an expert, this is why it is considered to be very complex document. Some of the provisions are highly detailed and complicated governing the rights of the US citizen who is now living overseas. An international tax attorney will be able to help expat’s in ensuring the tributary strategy that will incorporate all possible option for having lower tariffs.
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If an expat sets up a legal entity on his current country of residence, he is still able to receive salary without being subjected to US self-employment tax. It is advantageous for an expat to set up foreign entity and an international tax attorney that will guide entire process as this will ensure the right choices on legal structure and considerations.
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With the help of a good international tax attorney, he or she is able to help the US expats in the event that the IRS challenges the tax payer’s income tax returns and its supporting documents. If the expat is able to show “due diligence” with the help of an experienced international tax attorney, this alone will have positive outcome on the conflict of IRS.

To have the most effective team, an international tax attorney should also be part of your strategy team as this will be of great help rather than simply call someone when problems arise with the IRS. It is always important that from the start of the planning stage, an international tax attorney is part of the team as he or she can provide better input on the matter if problem arise. Tax problem can easily be avoided if at the beginning of the planning stage, an international tax attorney is already part of the team as they can find spots that can mean trouble in the expat’s overall tax picture before it even becomes a problems itself.

Both criminal and civil penalties are for not filing tax returns and for not paying taxes, so it is important to have an international ta attorney on your team to avoid all problems in the future.